Butter Yellow Collection

a brand new collection of joyful, monochrome butter yellow landscapes.

Golden Meadow
  • $195.00
Golden Horizon
  • $195.00
Sunset's Glow
  • $195.00
Golden Forest
  • $195.00
Golden Sunshine
  • $195.00
Oak In Yellow
  • $195.00
Golden Horizon Print
  • From $23.00
Golden Meadow Print
  • From $23.00
Golden Sunshine Print
  • From $23.00
Golden Forest Print
  • From $23.00
Sunset’s Glow Print
  • From $23.00
Oak In Yellow Print
  • From $23.00

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personal peace at home

My own, sometimes debilitating, struggle with mental health has led me to discover the need for intentional, peace-inspiring art and decor at home. Art that creates sacred spaces to restore you, enhance your happiness, and emotional thriving so you can be the best imperfectly perfect version of yourself at home.

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Michelle has a gift for seeing the potential in a room. She helped us identify why our current furniture layout was problematic and then offered very helpful suggestions for how to fix it. I'm grateful for how Michelle listened to our concerns and hopes for the space before guiding us to an incredible solution (even though we've already lived in this home for 5 years!). Now we have a room that we love--it is comfortable and functional.

Sarah N.

My office design experience with Michelle was a 10/10! She asked all the right questions and even helped me define my personal design style. She was careful to understand my budget and the ways I needed my space to function. She also showed me some possibilities for the room layout. Then she sourced multiple options for all my large pieces (bookshelf, rug, lamp, accent chair). I already had a desk in mind, and she did a perfect job sourcing pieces that would go well with my desk. She put together idea boards, mixing and matching the pieces, so I could decide which combination was my favorite. That part was super helpful. Some pieces that I may have chosen on their own, didn't look as good when grouped with the other pieces. These boards really helped me find the cohesive look that spoke to me the most. And I LOVED not having to sift through site after site, store after store, looking for what I wanted. After the big pieces were selected, Michelle put together ideas for smaller accents and storage solutions. She eliminated the decision paralysis that I usually encounter when trying to make design choices. I honestly love the space so much. Everything about it is beautiful, inviting, and intentional. I would 100% use Michelle again!

Jenna T.

I worked with Michelle when I decided to remodel our master bedroom, bathroom and closet.  Michelle spent time helping me articulate and envision how I wanted my rooms to look and feel. She was careful to listen to my preferences and guide me in creating my own design.  She sent numerous Inspiration Boards that I could use to pick my preferences.  She did long-distance consultion with me and was even available for a phone consultation when I got stuck a few times with decisions.  Michelle has great ideas and artistic flair. The net result is my master rooms are some of my favorite in the house!

Carolee T.

Michelle was fabulous to work with me. I have very little feel for decor, but as the head of HR, I wanted my work office to be comfortable and inviting. Her suggestions for soft lighting (lamps) and a couple of my own photographs plus one of her landscape watercolors really worked. Michelle used some of my things to keep it "mine" and added a few things that tied themes together in a classy, professional way. She even helped me organize my paper work flow for my style as well as my books on shelves to be pleasing to the eye. I feel both very comfortable and productive, and others say they feel my office has a pleasing and warm feeling, which I really appreciate. I highly recommend Michelle for all your decor needs. You'll love the process and the feeling of your space!

Daken T.

We asked Michelle to help us make our office a space where I could work from home in an environment that allowed me to focus on my jobandinspire me when facing challenges. Our office had been the catch all location for everything that didn’t have a place after moving into our new home. She not only figured out how to organize the chaos, but also figured out how to do it in a way that looked good. The most inspirational pieces are the paintings Michelle did for us using pictures of locations with special meaning. Before Michelle helped us design our office space, I avoided using it. Now I seek out the space when I’m looking to be alone to work and think. Michelle really transformed our space in a way that we wouldn’t have been able to by ourselves.

Scott T.

"Michelle’s artwork is spectacular! I have purchased both originals and prints from her, and the vivid colors, unique lines and careful techniques combine to enhance the beauty of every space they occupy. Amazingly, the colors on the prints capture nearly the same vibrancy as the originals, such that I have a print flanked by two originals and they work as a cohesive set."

Ashley Anne F.

"I have been following Michelle McGuire’s work for years and am always impressed by each new piece. Her work is beautiful to view online, and even more stunning in person. The colors are beautiful and the paper is very high quality. I love seeing it on my walls. It brings me so much joy!"

Megan L.

“Using my journal has brought a much needed peace to my life. I end every day thinking about the positive. It calms my anxiety over what the next day might bring to focus on and see the light I felt today. The journal is beautiful and well made, with a smooth and beautiful cover that sets the right tone for seeking light.”

Annalise G.

"I love my prints SO much! I ordered 3 and couldn't be happier. The quality is incredible. They look just as beautiful and true-to-color as the originals.  I love that Michelle was able to capture scenes that hold meaning for me. I'm particularly crazy about the yellow Texas wildflowers. The way she painted that field blanketed in sunshine yellow is so perfect. If you've ever seen them in person, you know what I mean. My office is now the happiest little corner of my home."

Jenna T.

“Michelle took a picture I took that held a lot of meaning for me and my family and created a beautiful water color. I hung it in my home office where I can see it while I’m working. There have been many times when work gets crazy and looking at this painting reminds me of the peace I felt at that place.”

Scott T.