How To Pick The Right Area Rug + Rugs under $600 Guide

I am so excited.
Today is the first installment of this year's design help guides. In case you missed it, in 2024 once a month I'm answering a specific design question you have been asking, with tips to empower you to confidently make these design decisions. 
We're starting out with the foundation of most living spaces: the area rug.
With today's tips, you'll be able to pick the best rug for your living space. 
Here's some really good news, with most practical aspects of interior design, there are formulas and rules of thumb to follow to help you narrow down options so you can focus on style.
Once you know them things get much easier for you and you can design and decorate your home more: 
There are a couple different ways to style your furniture around your rug, whatever way you choose to style your rug will help you know what size rug you want to look:
  1. Everything on the rug. If you have enough space you can put all you pieces on the rug, just make sure they are all 8” from the edge of the rug and that the rug is 10”-28” from the walls.

2. All front legs on the rug. This is the most common way to style with a rug because it fits the most spaces, all you need to do is make sure ⅓ of the furniture is over the rug. Easy peasy. 

3. Layered rugs. This is really good when you have a rug you really love that isn't big enough for your space, layer it on top of a rug that fits the space better. Jute or other woven neutral solid rugs are classic rugs for the bigger bottom layer rug. Center the favorite rug on the neutral rug or, go off center if that fits your furniture configuration better.
4. Floater rug.  This is when your rug is only in the center of the room, under the coffee table for example, and none of the surrounding furniture touches it, just make sure furniture is within 5” of the floated rug or it'll look way too small for the space.  
There are so many rug options out there so, and that alone can overwhelm, so I decided to round up a handful from some of my favorite sites 
for budget-friendly prices.
link ten:
link eleven:
link twelve:
Use the configuration you want to help you determine the right size rug for your space, tape it out to get a feel for it in real life, and put your main focus on the style, color and material that works best for you. It really is that simple.