Holiday decor that actually calms your mind and nervous system too.

Did you know that a favorite holiday decor staple doubles as a mental practice for your emotional wellness? 

Candles are a central part of decor, even a focus, for many during long, dark nights, most especially during the holiday season. 

A burning flame is a beautiful symbol of the divine, of hope and of salvation across many faiths. 

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy the magic of candlelight, have you? 

But beyond the magical effect of a flickering candle and the symbolic meaning – there are incredibly compelling findings for the mental and emotional benefits of candle light, here’s how Dr. Anne Negrin explains it;  

“Gazing at a lit candle in a dark room is literally calming on the brain. 

When we gaze at a flickering flame, our brain begins to shift out of our constant beta brainwave state, which is associated with reactivity, thinking, and alertness, into the alpha brainwave state, associated with a relaxed and creative state of mind.

 Alpha brainwaves then become theta brainwaves, which are associated with meditation and intuition.

 As a result of this shift of brainwaves, our mind becomes more relaxed, open, and receptive. This transformation happens during just a few minutes of gazing at a flickering flame!”

“Our days are filled with computer screens, smartphones, and televisions. These images send a constant barrage of information to our brains, leaving little time to process and reflect. When fire becomes our focus, the mind is able to relax and process all ofthe information it has been taking in throughout the day.”


I deeply believe a little bit of intention in our home design and decor goes a LONG way for our emotional health – so whatever else you have at home for the holiday and the winter season,  make sure you spend lots of time by candlelight. Your home will sparkle magically and your nervous system will thank you. 

A beautiful home can also be a comfortable, personal and intentional sanctuary for you and your family.  I’m here to help you make sure home feels at least as good as it looks.

Source: Dr. Anne Negrin,

Need help? 

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