Guaranteed mood-shifter for your Grinch days this holiday.

If your holiday season is going anything like mine, it's getting pretty chaotic and crazy, in spite of your best intentions to simplify.  
There's a simple way to bring happy emotions and make meaningful memories at home for the holidays.
If you want to make those memories filled with family and love at happen at home – engage as many of your family's senses in positive and memorable ways as you can
It's what I like to call purposeful positive sensory experiences at home, it's a big part of intentional design and works easily at the holidays when there are so many more sensory experiences than usual.  

At the holidays, it’s easier than ever to engage our senses in positive ways; meaningful decor, favorite holiday playlists, baking family holiday recipes, or your most nostalgic holiday scents can all engage your senses in the positive, memorable ways that you want for the holiday season.  

One of my favorite ways is with some holiday baking. Pull out your favorite holiday family recipes or try something new together, in no time you'll be hit by the smells and tastes of the holiday. 
Your senses will be engaged in ways that invite positive emotions into your home and body.  Your baking and cooking may bring waves of the best kind of nostalgia or be a core part of the traditions that will become special and nostalgic for your family. You'll also be spending meaningful time connecting with the people who mean the most to you. 
I've got three delicious, aromatic recipes for you to try, a couple family favorites and a new recipe that was too good not to make a family favorite. 
Note from a mom who gets overwhelmed sometimes: 
If your kids are little, consider what parts of the process to involve them in, consider your emotional limits right now, plan accordingly, and don't waste a second on feeling guilty about it.  There were a LOT of years my kids only helped frost cookies, because having them mixing and baking with me was too hard for me personally. Other parents want their kids there for every messy step of the way.  The important thing is being self-aware and honoring your limits. It'll make the meaningful moments so much easier to come by. 
Michelle, xo 
If you have a favorite family recipe share in the comments below!