Do you ever feel like it’s hard to find light in your life? 

 To be honest, I do sometimes…

 And life is full of situations that can impede mental wellness for all of us so easily.  

 I’ve learned it’s a lot of work to process and heal from the hard bits of life, noticed that too? 

 Our mental health isn’t always as vibrant and strong as we want it to be is it? 

 For me it’s struggles of anxiety and perfectionism along with the bits of my story that have resulted in pain, loss, and injury that mean sometimes I am dealing with the effects of intense mental struggle.

 When my mental needs became more demanding, sometimes debilitating even, a couple years ago I found that I really wanted my home to feel more mentally inviting and healing. 

 I began to design and paint with that intention, to find ways to make my spaces feel more sacred, more personal. 

 It was that process that helped me discover how much representing the most powerful and special parts of your personal story through art and decor can do for a person’s mental health. 

 In my most important roles: individual, designer and artist, mother of 5 miracle babies, and wife, the light– the joy and peace–  I experience as my home becomes a sacred space bit by bit, are invaluable to me. 

 I want you to have those kinds of empowering experiences too and you can, with the help of my six step process, you’ll soon be building your own sacred spaces as you discover your personal-story design profile. 

I really can’t wait for you to experience the power of your own sacred spaces at home.  

Michelle, xo