You need to create sacred spaces at home.


It was actually my own mental health needs becoming quite demanding the last couple years that led me to create sacred spaces at home by surrounding myself with decor that grounded and empowered me and I’ve discovered I can help others do the same.

Research shows “our external environment…enhances the inherent healing capacity in each of us” and it makes sense, right? 

But that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to know HOW to make that happen. 

…So how do you? 

In 6 steps I can help you discover what I call your personal story design profile.

So what is a personal-story design profile anyway? 

…And why would you want one? 

-It’s knowing the parts of your personal story that are most beautiful and special to you; inspired by the places, moments, experiences, and people that are most valuable and powerful.

-It’s learning the power of letting your external environment enhance the mental wellness you work so hard for.

-It’s learning the many ways you can incorporate personally powerful pieces into your home design and decor.

When each piece works in harmony with your design style, your home will become a sacred space for mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and healing, studded with personally powerful pieces where both your mind and body will thrive.

These steps will help you create sacred spaces at home where your decor will enhance your mental wellness beautifully, I hope you’ll join me and discover how to create your own sacred spaces. 

Michelle, xo