What’s your favorite color?

You need to understand why color is such an important part of design for your home. 

And as a bonus, when you do this exercise— you’ll be more mentally happy at home. 

Do you ever get overwhelmed with design or decor choices for your house, decision paralysis anyone? 

Did you know it happens to so many people? 

You can easily gain some confidence by starting with something small that feels familiar— color. 

I know, I know, lots of people HATE trying to pick paint colors but I’m not talking about big color choices, not yet. 

For this exercise simply list the colors you are consistently drawn to, in general, not just in your home.  

Got them? 

Are they tied to a particular memory or place? Favorite colors to wear maybe? 

They might be the colors of a childhood room. You might love the clean, energizing feeling they always give.  

Whatever the reasons, the colors that make you happy are a perfect addition to your home, because you already know how they make you feel and seeing them in your home will have a positive emotional impact.  


Remember that every color has countless shades, and you can add a tone of your favorite color if it fits your design better. 

Some colors have a high impact, include them in small ways, like an accessory, an art piece, or a pattern. 

Whatever the colors, start with one thing; a cozy new reading throw, a pillow, a print, a candle, the possibilities are pretty endless. 

I love to have a home filled with colors that mean something to me, and I know you will too, colors connect directly to our emotions in a powerful way, so USE THEM to your best benefit. And enjoy the way they make you feel at home.

What to know my most favorite color? Green.  Reminds me of almost every single one of my favorite places, nature, plants, growth, calm energy. I love it.  

PS: I’d love to hear what one of your favorite colors is too. 


Michelle, xo 

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* picture sources: @cstudionogura, @jeanstofferdesign, @bertandmay