What kid items work well in your main living spaces?

What can you put in your main living spaces for your kids that doesn’t require creative and plentiful storage to hid it? 

I want to share one of my and my 5 kiddos’ favorites today. 

These make it easy to incorporate items for kids to your main living areas without needing a hiding place… books. 

 It’s as simple as it sounds. Gather a stack of your best looking hardback children’s books to use as coffee or end table decor literature in your main living spaces.


My favorite children’s books to use are hardback learning/information books because they seem to spark perpetual interest and require a lot less commitment than a novel or story. 

In addition: You’ll love the way they look and the way they engage your kids’ in new learning moments. 


Some favorites of ours are: 

- Any Smithsonian hardcover learning books 

- Atlas Obscura (children’s edition) 

- Britannica Kid’s Encyclopedia 

- Wow in the World 

- I Spy hardcover books 


Try it out! Find a space for some beautiful books for your kids to engage with over and over again. You’ll love the way it adds to the decor and the functionality of the space. 


Michelle, xo