What are the Six Must-Have Lessons for your Personal Style Discovery?


I am so excited for you to learn how to decorate and design for your home with confidence and a strong understanding of your personal style.

You’ll harness the best parts of your personal story that will help your home to be more beautiful, happy, and peaceful than ever before.

This will truly be a course in personal style discovery made simple, with 6 must-have lessons, you’ll move through one lesson and exercise for each step and will finish with new confidence in your ability to design for and decorate your home.

Remember, knowing your personal style is within reach! 



1.Discover your design preferences. 

Your first step is really a chance to check in. I guide you through an exercise that makes certain you have a clear idea of your general design preferences before you dive into discovering the elements of your personal style. This step ensures that those decor elements are working in harmony with your design preferences, not against them when you do start identifying your personal style. 

2.Evaluate current decor. 

In this step you take stock of what you surround yourself with in your spaces, this helps you become aware of what you have already that is making you happy in your space, make sure those special pieces work within your design preferences, and it also gives you a chance to clear out the things that aren’t having a positive impact anymore. This will allow your special pieces to have a chance to shine in your design. 


3.Determine who and what is important to you.

This is where the magic really begins to start because now, it’s personal.  This step is all about you and your story. In this lesson you learn to draw inspiration from your life’s story. The experiences, people, hobbies, even objects that have had an impact on your life for good, have made you who you are, or have brought you happiness in your life.

4.Decide what your happy places are.

We are often naturally drawn back to places we found positivity in our lives, our “happy place(s)". 

These places can be significant for a myriad of reasons.

Your happy places may be where you felt joy, hope, peace, healing, calm, safety, light, uplift, excitement, acceptance, love, or comfort.


5.Learn what your transformative spaces are.

There are also places where you experience significant growth and change. They may not have started out feeling beautiful to you, but became beautiful because of the transformation you experienced there.

6.Engage your senses.

You experience life through your senses, they cue you, teach you, cement experiences in your memories, and give you ways to remember your story and experiences.



Once you complete my course, you’ll have discovered so much about your personal style and you’ll be able to style your home with more confidence than ever, one piece or space at a time.

 The insights you’ll gain into your design preferences and your personal style are amazingly useful and key to leveling up your ability to style your home.

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Knowing your personal style is within reach, friend.  

Michelle, xo