Personal Style Discovery: everything you need to know about my new digital course.


I want impactful, meaningful home design to be accessible to you. 


I'm a wife, a mama to five young kids, a designer and artist,  I love and try my best to be like Jesus, and sometimes I have to work hard for my mental, spiritual and emotional wellness. 

 My experience with mental health these past few years has been especially challenging. I know the feeling of desperation to find resources and tools to help improve and maintain mental and emotional health. 

 As an artist and designer, I’m hyper-aware of my visual environment, so it became a natural focus for me as I worked to heal and grow. I became keenly aware of how our visual environment at home can affect our emotions and feelings, and I began styling my home for the most positive emotional impact. 

 The interior of your home can enhance all the work you’re doing for your internal wellness, or it can diminish your efforts, often without you even being conscious of it. 

 I learned that when you mix intentionally meaningful, emotionally stimulating and mentally soothing decor in with the pieces that are simply beautiful, you’ll feel the energy and happiness in your home shift – you and your family will feel lifted and empowered by your home – as you work for your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness together. 

 This is the kind of home design I want you to experience.

And with my new digital course— Personal Style Discovery, you can.

This is one of the biggest ways I know how to make impactful home design accessible to you.

Whether you are a DIY-er or you like to get professional help with design, when you take this course, you’ll be able to make your home a happier, better place.

You’ll know how to make impactful design choices for your home because my course walks you through every step you need to get clear on what your home design style is, the meaningful personal parts and the purely aesthetic parts too. 

My Personal Style Discovery course is perfect for beginners AND more seasoned do-it-yourself home designers hoping to increase self-confidence in decorating and improve emotional wellness at home by using intentional and meaningful home design and decor.  

 The course helps you discover what your personal design preferences are from an aesthetic perspective — but the part I’m really excited about — is that it builds on that foundation to teach you how to curate decor that has an emotional impact at home.

 The course walks you through simple exercises that teach you how to consider your personal story and your body’s senses, and then teaches you how to incorporate decor inspired by your story and in tune with your senses, so you can begin to make your home design and decor impactful and meaningful space by space, in the style that most fits you and at the best pace for you.  

 I want to help you learn how to use your visual environment at home as a tool that enhances mental, emotional and spiritual thriving: so you can build a home that’s beautiful AND impactful…because it makes a huge difference in the way you feel at home, and I want you to feel better. 

 That is the core goal of this course I’ve created for you.

 And it's almost ready – it will be released March 13th, 2023. 

I cannot wait for you to experience how easy and simple it is to get a deep grasp on your personal style and how to incorporate meaningful, intentional design and decor into your home.


What does the course look like? 

 What’s inside the course? 

Inside you’ll find six modules or lessons to help you discover your personal style. 

This course is the perfect first step in becoming emotionally aware in your home design and decor. It will help you unlock the power of personally impactful decor in your home for you and your family.

I can’t wait for you to experience the difference!


Michelle, xo