How-To Pick A Faux Plant

Faux plants are a fantastic way to add nature-inspired decor to your home and begin to reap the many mental, emotional and spiritual benefits they’ve been found to produce.  

Whether you have a hard time keeping plants alive, don’t want the commitment of live plants, or have spaces at home that are too dark for live plants, faux plants are a great option. 

I’ve got a round up of my favorite budget-friendly beautiful, realistic faux plants here: 

Don't be afraid to branch out from my list though. I want you to feel like you can always, always pick what feels best for you. So today I’m sharing my tips for HOW-TO buy faux plants so you can confidently pick beautiful faux plants for your home too. 



 How to pick out faux plants


Faux plant and coffee table decor

- Check out faux plants in person before purchasing.
It’s worth the trip whenever possible. Otherwise, make sure a store has a good return policy. In person, faux plants can be vastly different than pictured online or in a magazine. 
 Faux plant and home decor
- Get up close to look for realistic printing and materials. 
Some fabrics and materials look really fake, even from a mile away but ideally you want them to feel natural even up close. 
 Puppy, fireplace and faux plant


- Check for good malleability. 
Good faux plants have plenty of wire in the stems. This allows you to adjust them and move them into natural positions, trust me, this makes a huge difference.  




- Upgrade the look of your faux plant with a new pot. 
While most faux plants come in some sort of decorative pot now, they are usually pretty small, basic or traditional. Finding a separate pot allows you to control the scale, style and overall look in a way that really fits your style preferences and allows it to be a statement moment. 



-Target, World Market and Home Goods are going to have the most budget friendly options. 
Stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and CB2 can have great deals, overall they are a more pricey source.  And places like Home Goods (TJ Maxx, Marshalls) don't have their faux plants available for purchase online so plan on in person shopping trips for their plants.


You can find beautiful faux plants to add the energy of nature-inspired decor to your home and feel the benefits for you and your family.  

Remember,  even small changes make a big difference as you become more aware of the way you can impact the way your home feels and not just the way it looks.  So start as small as you need. 


You can make home your haven as you fill it with sacred spaces for your family.
Michelle, xo