Painting from the stories of Jesus changed my life.

Life is busy and messy, sometimes frightening and hard, completely chaotic and full to the brim with physical, emotional and mental demands for all of us as individuals and families. 

As the mother of 5 young children, the Covid pandemic meant all 7 of us were under the same roof around the clock. 

I was suddenly responsible for my kids’ academic learning and coordination on top of all the other aspects of their wellness and growth and care that I was already responsible for full-time, while trying to keep all the madness that ensued quiet enough that my husband could work from home, and attempting to help us all work through the emotional effects we were all experiencing.  

During that same time my 7 year old ended up in the ER with what was then diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes and the way that disease completely turns the world upside down forever.  I felt overstretched and drained in every possible way.  

With so much unknown, so much struggle in my private world and the public one, like so many of you have shared, I recognized an ache, for a renewed closeness to Christ. 

Eventually our schools opened back up and my kids returned to school.  

It was as I was slowly adjusting to our new normal, that I began these paintings.  

But creating this collection of paintings was a work of faith for me,

Because while I was certain that the work I’d do would bring Christ to the forefront of my mind and heart, I had absolutely no idea how I would make time for this undertaking within the time constraints of the project I contributed to with them originally, as well as the strain of the new demands and the accompanying upheaval our family was still experiencing. 

In the hours (and hours and hours) I spent not only painting but studying and pondering His word and praying over each piece in this collection, I began to know Christ again. Through creating all my other efforts were amplified. He became real and accessible in new and old ways, I felt Him with greater clarity and renewed personal connection. I began to trust my positive aspirations again even when they would require sacrifice for those close to me, and pursue what was on my heart without second guessing myself anymore. 

 I also learned better the depth of our Heavenly Parents’ love for us, in the evidence of the life and mission of Their Son, for humanity as a whole, remarkably, but maybe even more remarkably, in a completely individualized and personal way too. Because while His grace and love are universally available, I felt them in the most personal ways throughout this experience.  

This collection visually captures beautiful, sacred moments and truths of Christ, that engender His hope, a sacred, sustaining hope, as they can remind us over and over of Him each time we see them in our own sacred spaces.

My greatest wish for these paintings is simply that they will point you to Him too, His love, His truth, His power, His understanding, His grace, and every other way He fulfills all that was prophesied He would. That when you, like me, feel so far out of your depth you can’t seem to catch your breath, you will find Him there, inexplicably capable to be  with you in your struggles, whatever they are. 

The world needs Jesus Christ, His power and grace, I need Him, we need Him, now, more than ever.