Home Decor To Help you Navigate Loss

For a house that feels like home — the design and decor of your home needs to tell your story.


And part of that story might include people you love deeply who you’ve lost.


Having decor that symbolizes or represents someone we’ve lost can help navigate grief and provide a way to keep them close


October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. 


Often we think of people who lived long, full lives when we think of those we may want to remember within our home design but sometimes hearts carry the burden of losing a child. I’m so sorry for your loss if you’ve experienced this. 


When we surround ourselves with objects with personal significance — we give ourselves a way to keep important people, experiences and memories in our minds.  


These objects at home shape our experiences and as you’ll see from these mothers' insights, this decor can become a tangible part of remembering, grieving, and loving


I asked a few of my friends who have had to navigate this impossible grief if they’d be willing to share some of the things they have in their home that help them remember and love their angel babies. 


My friend Maegan shared how her family keeps their angel Nora Mae close in their home;

  1. We have a large family photo of all our hands in our living room, molds of her hands and feet, and a bear that was donated to us that weighs the same as Nora when she was born and we display those things together. 
  2. Below it in the cabinet, we have a photo book, hospital keepsakes as well as a duplicate of the dress we laid her to rest in. 
  3. In my bedroom, I have a candle that I light for her on days that I am really missing her, or on special occasions. 
  4. I display that with a sweet little floral arrangement I was given by a friend after she passed. 
  5. I also love artwork - I have a print of an Angel that is more abstract, and a small print of Christ holding a baby. 
  6. I hope someday when we have a bigger space to have a little sitting area that we can display a little bit more of what we have. Just a cozy spot where we can sit to spend time with her.

Another friend Jenna shared the many beautiful objects and rituals they use at home to keep their angel Magnolia with them daily; 

Here are a few things that remind me of her every day: 

  1. A wooden mixing spoon we decorated/painted together as a family on her first birthday. I’m reminded of her every time I use it for cooking. I let Honor use it when we’re baking together so it feels like Magnolia is with us cooking also. 
  2. A wind chime a friend gave us after we lost Magnolia that hangs outside of our front door. I can hear it from inside of the house, and every time the wind blows, I think of her. The wind chime also has a glass pendant on the bottom that makes a bunch of little rainbows inside of our front door when the sun hits it each afternoon, and they always make me think of her. 
  3. We have a spot in our house for her little urn, her hand and foot prints, a monogrammed bunny with her name on it, a picture of Jesus holding a baby and a willow tree figurine holding a magnolia leaf wreath. Everyone in the family, including Honor, knows this space is special…

…and to treat it with care. I don’t allow the cleaners to clean this area, and I dust it weekly and think of my sweet girl as I take care of the space. 

  1. A magnolia wreath from Front Gate hangs on our front door and reminds us of her each time we enter the door. 
  2. We have a mega-sized fleece blanket with magnolias on it that we all cuddle under every time we have a movie night so we feel like she’s with us. 
  3. I also have a ton of magnolia jewelry, including a bracelet that I never take off, that keeps her with me always.

Another friend, Shirley shares what she has in her home to remember her angels Annie and Tanner; 

Hearts are my symbol for them, so I do anything heart related. I have a crystal in the window that shines rainbows in the afternoon. Pink and blue are the colors for this month of awareness so I love rose quartz and angelite crystals. Colors represent babies so purple was my color for Annie. 

I'm so grateful to each of these amazing women for sharing about something that can be difficult to talk about.


Did you notice how different their actual items and practices were?

There isn’t ONE right way to make home feel personally meaningful and emotionally impactful.  The right way is YOUR way.   


I hope these beautiful women and the ways they are remembering their angel babies through their decor inspire your home design.  


Your difficult experiences may be different than these women, but I hope their experience helps you see just how valuable personally meaningful design at home is.  


While I wish heart-breaking difficulty was somehow completely avoidable; struggle, pain and heartbreak are part of life's experience. 


Your home can and should lift you and support you, especially in your most difficult experiences. 

What part of your story do you want to represent better at home?