Holiday keepsakes and traditions


I’ve never considered myself a particularly sentimental gal, I don’t save things like ticket stubs, baby clothes, or wedding bouquet flowers.  

I’ve lived far from home for over a decade now, raised my family almost entirely across the country and have only rarely had chances to visit home as an adult with my kids. 

Within the last couple years I’ve had my last three living grandparents die. 

I didn’t anticipate how much I’d miss the day to day reminders of them, especially when it comes to what makes it feel like the holiday season for me.

This year, after my grandma passed, I inherited her “pink Christmas tree” decorations to use with my family each holiday season. I can’t wait not because it’s always been my favorite decorated Christmas tree but because I can’t wait to see her again in her tree throughout the season and share her stories with my own family each year. 

I didn’t realize the impact a keepsake or tradition can have, especially at the holiday season. 

I’m not the only one either. 

I’ve been asking you about your own holiday traditions and turns out you love keepsake and nostalgic holiday traditions and decor too; Creating new family keepsakes and traditions as well as passing on the old ones, is the primary focus of the decorating and experiences that make this holiday season special for you.  

Hearing from you reminded me again, that we are made to live with mutual respect, reverence and love for each other, in each traditional and non-traditional family experience we have. 

It has made me want to hear and know your story better. 

I hope, this season, that the decorations we surround ourselves with, the traditions we carry on, or start new, will help all of us feel more of the love that makes us all a family; capable together of great goodness, wired to connect, learn and grow with and because of each other

Share a little more of your story with me, what’s your most special holiday keepsake or tradition? 

Michelle, xo