Color Psychology: the emotions your fall colors bring

Making home color choices based on your emotional reaction means making your house feel more like home.

This is an incredible tool you can utilize even for season design.

Do you know how the autumn decor in your home is affecting your mood? 

All colors have an emotional impact: they are all making you feel specific emotions.  

The impact of individual colors varies from culture to culture and even person to person. 

If pay attention to the way that colors make YOU feel, you’ll know which have the best impact on you. 

Your emotional reaction will be unique, when you are conscious of that — it gets MUCH easier to utilize color in an impactful way at home.  

Today let’s cover the four main colors of fall: brown, orange, red and yellow. 

Remember there are countless shades of every color so if you’re loving the feelings of a color but not sure of the color itself, there may be a shade of that color you LOVE — so pick the shades that feel best to you. 


Which of these emotions do you love or need more of this season? 

Want some inspiration for how to incorporate these colors into your home? Check out my fall decor guide here: